Cute Room DIYS

Lets be honest here, none of us actually have the time to make DIYS even though we drool on them on Pinterest. But sometimes you actually find some DIYS that are worth the while and are surprisingly really simple! So here it goes…

  1. This one is probably one of the easiest DIYS out there. It adds a little extra touch to your room.  You just cut strips of washi tape with a blade and just stick it where you like. You can make shapes with your strips and decorate it any way you like. SOOO thats pretty much it, I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY… P.S The photo is not mine, I got it off Pinterest and I would love if you guys could email feedback to me;1f08b251e3e0306c13f30b6b7557a926a7bc03fd91efeb8a5fbd9ca32a9bd5f2.jpg
  2. Okay this one is suppppper cute, really easy and I am sooo in love with it! All you have to do is get any pot you like and spray paint it white or any colour of your choice. Then just grab a vivid and draw the cutest face everrrrrrr. YEP I KNOW IT SUPPPPER EASY.
  3. Last but not least… I don’t know if you guys relate but I always get my cables mixed up and this is the best solution ever. You just grab some washi tape, write what the cable is for and just stick the washi tape on the cable. DONE.7ef9dc050a4ee98258dc27f45ed68e80.jpg


Lifestyle/ Keeping Motivated!

Keeping healthy and staying determined and motivated is a big part of my life. So I’m going to share the top 3 tips with you guys on staying fresh and motivated.

  1. Do something you luv… Wether you work, go to school or just stay at home, its important to have something to hang on to when noting seems right. There had been plenty of time where it felt like life kept on throwing cannon balls at me and I just couldn’t dodge them. But there was always something that keep me going and gave me that little bit of hope. Personally what keeps me going is sport, touch rugby, hockey, gymnastics and dance. Whatever it is that you love doing is whats gonna give you that hope and happiness just when you think noting is working out. So if you don’t have a hobby you love doing then its really time to find one.
  2.  Eat Healthy… Your parents have probably told you this thousands of times but its actually really important. Eating healthy food keeps your mind clear and your body fresh. I promise you, eat healthy for one month and you will feel totally refreshed and motivated! But remember having a healthy diet doesn’t mean totally crossing the line and having NO snacks or junk food. It just means to balance the things you eat and avoid bingeing on anything unhealthy. I will have a list of delicious healthy meals and snacks in future food post.chicken-fajitas-salad-recipe-650-1
  3. Chicken Fajitas Salad Recipe | Chicken Salad with Fajitas Recipe
  4. Drink Plenty of Water… ITS TRUE! Drinking a fair amount of water is good for your body and also your mind. More hydration equals to better athletic performance and stability. Dehydration o the other hand can result weakness, dizziness and fatigue.

First Blog Post…

Hi guys!!!! Welcome to Mint Paradise….

My name is Dina and I live in New Zealand. Mint Paradise is all about lifestyle, fashion, food and a little about me. I will try to have blog posts at least once a week and if my blog gets more popular I will post more often. On my posts comment what else you would like to see and what I can improve. I hope you guys enjoy my blog and keep reading!

P.S. If you want to contact me about anything email me at 🙂